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Change a company. Change the world.

Internet meant the decentralization of information, and changed the world. Blockchain means the decentralization of value. It will affect every aspect of our existence.

Train your executives and their teams to understand and take advantage of this new world, where the client has radical power of decision.

Ready to work

Designt to deploy and start using applications TODAY.


Taking into account all different needs of the corporate ecosystem.

State of the Art

Constantly reviewed to have fresh and updated information available.

Program for BANKS

Blockchain is coming to banking first. Money is already a virtualized asset, and therefore it is being the first industry impacted by the use cases of this technology.

These two courses are designed to together transform and lead any financial company towards this new paradigm.

Decentralized Finance – DeFi (Exec)

20 hoURs

Master classes designed to fully understand Blockchain with a focus on tokenization, financial securities and current DeFi (Decentralized Finance) applications in operation, the value they provide and the regulatory framework necessary to make them a reality.

Blockchain Bootcamp (Dev)


Program designed to train the next generation of developers to support the growth of the Blockchain ecosystem. Our mission with this program is to educate in fundamental concepts, key tools, security and intelligent development of smart contracts / dApps.


Why now?

The Ecosystem is taking off

Google was created in the nineties. The actors, alliances and applicable use cases are emerging as you read these lines.

Use Case Curation

Our programs have selected those that are technologically applicable today, to start generating income immediately.

Executive Audience

You cannot apply disruptive applications in business without involving managers. They will finally understand why everybody talks about revolution.

New Paradigm

The use cases we will talk about are disruptive. The goal is to transform attendees and their thinking towards this new paradigm.

Why us?


Since 2015

We are one of the oldest communities in the ecosystem, providing training since the beginning of the movement.

Impartiality and Neutrality

We try to keep our distance with a position as neutral as possible, allowing attendees to form their own criteria.

Qualified Teachers

Our professors currently teach in different Business Schools and Universities.

What our students say

Great Master class, we all left super-hectic. Today I woke up and the first thing I’ve done has been to look for information from DAOs and ICOs. A pleasure to share this incredible session.

Gonzalo S.

Asset Management, Finance
Thank you for the Saturday session, fantastic. It is an exciting world and it is great to experience it with the passion you all put into it. We could not have made a better choice.

Luis T.

Industry Director, Consulting
Thank you for such amazing presenters, I went in trying to learn a bit about something I never quite understood, and left having learned about a technology capable of changing the way we do practically everything.

Matt and I literally spent the entire train ride home talking about how mind blowing that was.

Please extend our praise to the presenters, they showed incredible knowledge confronting a series of questions.

Sean M.

MBA, Economic Science
I’d like to thank you for your patience, sense of humor and for making the session highly interactive and fun! I have definitely made it from zero to one, and there is no turning back!

Beatriz T.

HR DirectorConsulting
Yesterday I went to a 5-hour session on Blockchain. Fascinating. Thanks to the Ethereum Madrid team, how much do I have to learn !!!

Silvia B.

New TechLawyer & Advisor

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